Outdoor Modular Heat Station

This unit is designed to incorporate the Combo systems available from Mistral, when space indoors is limited, however can be used to provide a housing unit for any bespoke system, even including perhaps a plant room for a swimming pool complex, and therefore can be purchased as an individual product.

Made from solid mild steel panels, easy to assemble on site, pre - treated and powder coated in a green textured finish to provide better weather protection, the units are modular, although the standard system size is 2500mm x 1250mm x 2200mm high approx. Large front doors make this unit easily accessible for maintenance of the system.

The Station comes as basic, with the following optional extras; Full insulation pack, 6 way waterproof electrical consumer unit with 40 amp main breaker, 4 fuses 20,20,16 and 6 amps, waterproof light and switch, waterproof plug sockets x 2, isolator switches x2 off.

Mistral Outdoor Combo 1

This has been developed specifically to overcome the potential problem of lack of free space within a house or garage when deciding to fit a complete 'Mistral Combo 1' system.

It can be a great way of locating all your heating and hot water systems under one roof, but not taking valuable space from within the property.

Servicing and maintenance is much easier when everything is located together.

The housing unit would be fixed down to a concrete base, close to the property for ease of getting the pipework from the collector panels to the Station.

Internal pre - punched locating panels make the sub assembly of the system parts easy to fit.

All optional extras listed above are available.

No more finding a cupboard to empty, to fit a cylinder in!!!

Mistral Outdoor Combo 2

This has to be the ultimate system available at present.

A 'Mistral Combo' system complete with solar collector panels attached to the roof of the housing unit. Up to a 2 panel set up, to put anywhere in your garden that suits.

Many people object to collectors on the roof making their property unsightly, as well as taking into account the cost of scaffolding and labour.

No more issues nor extra expense with East/West kits. You do not have to worry whether your house faces the right way, providing you can fit the Combo 2 anywhere you like within your property boundary, subject to local planning approval if needed.

Also ideal for listed buildings, to prevent the external appearance being altered.

Please consult local planning to confirm whether planning permission is needed.

Mistral Outdoor Combo 3

Identical to the Combo 2, except the solar panels are rear facing.

The 'Mistral Combo' System

The 'Mistral Combo' System has a Patent pending.

The Full System referred to in this brochure would comprise of the following;

Solar panels, insulated pipework, pump station, intermediate vessel, pressure vessel, drain container, twin coil hot water cylinder, triple coil buffer tank, circulation pump sets, pipework kits, Air source heat pump, 'Mistral Magic' controller, manual controller, weather compensator and a back up boiler, such as a biomass (Pellet boiler), or a more traditional unit such as a Gas or Oil boiler.

You can have the lot, or just a part of the system to suit.

Although we recommend the Air Source Heat Pump unit as the main provider to the system, this has been primarily for financial reasons versus return on investment.

There is no reason why the main provider cannot be Ground Source or Pellet Boilers and if this is your preferred choice, we are happy to provide any of these as part of the package.


Mistral hope that the 'Combo' system can bring to you a complete package which takes into account the initial cost, the limitations of individual products and the needs of your family requirements throughout the year.

The majority of the Mistral Combo system can be fitted anywhere in the house where space is available, such as a boiler, or plant room. It may also be preferable to consider installation in a garage. If these options are not available to you, then consider the Modular Heat Station as a solution to giving that extra room.

If there is any further information you would like, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

As a specifier, builder, architect, or a merchant Your Customer Needs this System.


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